Car battery services, Louth, LincolnshireIf you are looking for a replacement car battery in the Louth area then look no further than M J Watts Motor Engineers.  We are happy to do some simple diagnostics to determine if you battery is the true source of your problems.  We are not here to simply sell you a battery, only for you to find out that the problems was caused elsewhere!  Sometimes a battery fails because it is at the end of its life, sometimes it will be because a light was left on, but sometimes the problem lies not with the battery, but with another part of your motor, for example the alternator.  We will find the true source of the problem before any action is taken.

Before you bring your car to us, feel free to give us a call so that we can help by advising you of common problems with batteries and battery power.

Battery Replacement Service for drivers in Louth

If you are positive that you need a new battery, or if our tests have determined that you do need a new battery, we will be happy to oblige you.  Our mechanics can replace your battery quickly and with minimal fuss.  We will be happy to talk you through your problem so that you can make an informed decision, whatever the resulting course of action may be.

Excellent value affordable car batteries if Louth

None of our batteries are very expensive – but that does not mean that they are of low quality.  It wouldn’t look very good for us if we supply you with a cheap battery only for you to have to visit a garage again in a couple of months with the same problem.  We source our components from a range of suppliers and as such we are able to find the best deals going, and offer you the best price possible, but we never compromise on quality.