Car servicing at M J Watts Motor Engineers in LouthPassing your MOT simply means that your car is legally roadworthy.  Regularly servicing your car will help to make sure that the car lasts longer.  Sometimes in the space of a year a car can develop problems that, if left un-addressed, can make the impact much worse that it could have been if it had been seen to promptly.  M J Watts recommends getting your car serviced regularly to help minimise its overall long-term running costs.

Comprehensive Car Garage in Louth

We offer a full range of services to make sure that all aspects of your vehicle are kept in good working condition.  We check all kinds of things such as electronics, spark plugs, oil levels and much more, and if anything looks like it needs attention we have the expertise and facilities to quickly remedy any such issues.  Interim servicing will keep the overall long-term maintenance costs of your vehicle much lower.

We only use good quality components from the best manufacturers, though we strive to keep the costs as low as possible.  We understand that safety is the most important thing when it comes to motor engineering so we never compromise on the quality of both the components that we use and our workmanship.  Using ‘cheap’ components is often a false economy because they will wear out a lot quicker and need to be replaced again sooner.

M J Watts Motor Engineers Guarantee

Any work carried out by M J Watts Motor Engineers is guaranteed – this means that if you have any problems with anything that we have done to your vehicle, you can bring it back to us and we will do our utmost to look after you and make sure that your vehicle is running to a standard that you should be able to expect.

It is this ethos of good value for money and conscientiousness that has helped build our reputation in the Louth area for providing good quality guaranteed work that people will come back for time and time again.