Enginer Diagnostics LouthEngines are highly complex machines with many moving parts, and there is a lot that can potentially go wrong.  If your car starts to make a strange noise, or if you experience loss of power whilst driving, or juddering and unwanted vibrations, then there could be an issue with your engine.  To manually find the fault with your engine could take many hours of labour, the engine could potentially be completely stripped and re-built without managing to identify the root cause of an issue.

Do not despair!  Modern car engines are filled with sensors designed to identify the most common engine faults.  At M J Watts Motor Engineers, we can hook you car up to a computer and gather this information so enable us to better find and repair any faults that you are experiencing.  Our complete engine diagnostics service is designed to allow us to more efficiently solve your engine fault.

Quickly identifying your engine fault in Louth

Our mechanics will use the latest engine diagnostics equipment to pinpoint the exact issue with your engine, and then after we have received your approval we can repair the engine fault as efficiently as possible.  Sometimes engine faults can be repaired very quickly, sometimes they require a substantial amount of work.  But you can rest assured that we wont do anything to your car that is not necessary, that we will use quality components at all times and that you will be fully informed of exactly what we are doing to your car!

Engine Diagnostics for almost any make or model of car

We use the latest and greatest in engine diagnostics equipment and we are confident that we can do diagnostics on the engine of almost any make or model of vehicle.

If your car starts to under perform or feel strange when you are driving it, do not delay, bring it in to M J Watts Motor Engineers today!