MOT LouthEach year, to determine whether your vehicle is legally road worthy or not, it is required that you get an MOT.  This is a series of tests designed to make sure your vehicle is safe and environmentally friendly.  Many things are tested from key components such as brakes, suspension, steering and the clutch/gearbox.  Other aspects are also tested such as the car electronics and the fuel emissions levels.  Failing to get a genuine MOT certificate can void your car insurance and land you with legal problems as well as an unsafe car.  M J Watts Motor Engineers are geared up to do your MOT in a timely fashion and for a competitive price.  We do not cut corners, and if your car fails it’s test, we also offer all of the services that could be required to get your car back on the road again.

Diligent MOTs performed by experienced mechanics

Even though it is highly important to get your car tested annually to ensure that it is road-safe, some MOT providers provide a sub-standard service, cutting corners and leaving you with a potentially unsafe vehicle.  At M J Watts Motor Engineers all of your staff are fully qualified and have the knowledge and expertise required to do your MOT efficiently and properly, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is truly road-safe.

Your MOT results explained

If you car should fail it’s MOT then we will be able to fully explain the reasons for the failing, as well as advise you on the best course of action to get back on the road again.

MOT and Servicing

If you are planning to bring your car in for its annual MOT, why not have it serviced at the same time?  We can give your vehicle a service before it’s MOT so that it will pass first time.  We will also be able to ensure other aspects of your vehicle, not necessarily vital for the MOT are in full working order, giving you a better driving experience, and possibly saving you money in the long run be solving potential issues before they become a problem.